Enel: in search of excellence with a 12 billion plan!

Enel: in search of excellence with a 12 billion plan!

In the ever-changing context of the global economy and finance, Enel, one of the leading players in the energy sector, is ready to launch an epoch-making strategic plan that will revolutionize the future of green energy. Flavio Cattaneo, the company’s CEO, has crafted this vision, highlighting the importance of a selective approach to investments to maximize profitability and minimize risks. The plan, officially presented on November 22nd, comes at a time of global uncertainty, marked by geopolitical tensions and the growing demand for energy worldwide.

Enel’s three-year strategic plan for the period 2024-2026 is based on three fundamental pillars, each playing a crucial role in achieving this ambitious vision. The first pillar focuses on profitability, flexibility, and resilience in capital allocation. Enel has planned total gross investments of around 35.8 billion euros in the next three years, with a significant portion earmarked for networks and renewable energy. In particular, the group aims to obtain European funds to support network development projects and establish partnerships for the expansion of renewable energy sources.

In terms of geography, Enel will concentrate investments in Italy, Spain, Latin America, and North America. This strategy aims to improve the profitability of existing networks and prepare for the liberalization of the retail sector. Investments in networks are estimated at around 18.6 billion euros, with a particular emphasis on Italy.

The second pillar of the plan focuses on operational efficiency and effectiveness. Enel aims to improve financial balance and increase cash generation while achieving savings of approximately 1.2 billion through the redefinition of business processes and a targeted divestment plan.

The third pillar is dedicated to sustainability, both financial and environmental. Enel commits to reducing the average cost of gross debt and closing all coal-fired plants by 2027, with the ambitious goal of achieving zero emissions by 2040.

This ambitious plan represents a crucial step towards a more sustainable and energy-oriented future, and Enel is tirelessly working to turn this vision into reality. The world of green energy is destined for a profound transformation, and Enel is at the forefront of leading this revolution.

Enel’s commitment to achieving a more sustainable and green energy-oriented future goes beyond the three-year strategic plan. The company is actively promoting technological innovation and the development of advanced energy solutions to address global environmental challenges. Furthermore, Enel is strongly focused on collaborating with strategic partners, institutions, and international organizations to share knowledge and experiences, thus contributing to the creation of a global sustainable energy ecosystem.

Enel’s active involvement in the renewable energy sector and its determination to adopt a long-term sustainability-based vision position it as a reference point in the global energy industry. The company is tackling present challenges with the aim of shaping the future, ensuring a secure, clean, and sustainable energy supply for future generations.