The future of Italian startups in the hands of the Benettons: here’s the plan!

The future of Italian startups in the hands of the Benettons: here’s the plan!

In a strategic move, Alessandro Benetton and his family are launching 2100 Ventures, a new investment fund for Italian startups with the aim of accelerating their growth and connecting them with the European entrepreneurial landscape. With an initial funding of thirty million euros, the fund primarily focuses on supporting early-stage companies.

2100 Ventures is led by a trio of finance and venture capital experts – Andrea Gennarini, Andrea Casasco, and Andrea Gurnari – and offers investments ranging from 250,000 to 750,000 euros, acquiring stakes of 1% to 5% in selected startups. Priority sectors for the fund include B2B SaaS, climate tech, fintech, and data.

The distinctive aspect of 2100 Ventures is its mission to connect Italian startups with international investors, thereby facilitating the access of emerging companies to the European market. This approach is reflected in the fund’s investment philosophy, which seeks ambitious and resilient entrepreneurs.

The long-term goal is to create a synergistic ecosystem, leveraging the extensive industrial network of the Benetton family, which also includes 21 Invest and Edizione, the family holding company. Although the current funding solely comes from the Benetton family, plans are in place to open up to additional investors in the future.

2100 Ventures has already made six significant investments, including Jet Hr, Autone, and BonusX, demonstrating its ability to identify and support innovative solutions across various sectors. The fund aims to bridge the gap between the Italian and foreign technology ecosystems, promoting constant dialogue with international venture capital firms.

Thanks to 2100 Ventures, Italian startups now have access not only to substantial funds but also to an international network of contacts and crucial partnerships for their growth and success. Alessandro Benetton’s vision of transforming Italy into a European powerhouse in the startup sector is rapidly becoming a reality, offering new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. With its commitment and focus on key sectors, 2100 Ventures positions itself as a catalyst for success for Italian emerging businesses, contributing to shaping the future of the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and beyond. The future opening to additional investors promises to further enhance the effectiveness of this initiative and broaden its impact on the entrepreneurial scene. The story of 2100 Ventures has just begun, and there is much to expect as the fund continues to support the innovation and growth of Italian startups.

With an ambitious approach and a solid financial foundation, 2100 Ventures is quickly becoming a pillar of the Italian startup ecosystem, opening doors and creating opportunities for emerging businesses. Its mission to connect Italian startups with the European market promises to have a lasting impact on the country’s entrepreneurial scene, offering a promising future for innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy and beyond.